Helping New Drivers Around the Country

Are you the parent of a teenager who is now of age to apply for their Learner’s licence? This can be a scary time for both them and you – for yourself especially, as it is natural that you’ll begin to worry about their safety out on the roads.

What if they don’t know to give way to their right? What if they fail to indicate at the roundabout? What if they freak out on the motorway? It’s a given that there’ll be many questions like these that cross your mind, but there’s really no need to panic. You can eliminate any worry or stress by sufficiently preparing both yourself and your teenager, so that learning to drive and being confident out on the road is a breeze.

While many teenagers get ‘chucked in the deep end’ when they learn to drive, you don’t have to use this – scary but only sometimes effective – method of teaching. By taking the time to research and look into ways you can make it easy for your teenager, you can make the entire process safe and hassle free.

Learning to drive

Is your teenager ready to drive?

While the starting age to get a licence is 15, not all 15 year olds will immediately apply for their licence – and this is sometimes a very good thing. Not everyone is ready to learn to drive as soon as they become of legal age, and it’s important to determine whether your teenager is one of these people or not.

Some people actually have a fear of being out on the roads, especially when they are behind the wheel. This fear can occur for a number of reasons, such as previously being involved in an accident.

If your teenager has any fear about being out on the roads, it’s important to address this issue before proceeding with any lessons. There are many therapists throughout the country that can help with problems like these.

Remember, there is no right or wrong age to learn to drive – you’d be surprised as to how many adults don’t learn until they are well into their 30s, 40s and even 50s!

How do you start preparing?

Firstly, it’s a good idea to sit down with your teenager and talk to them about the responsibilities of driving. Explain the importance of being confident on the road, and that the more practice, the better – as inexperience and not being confident can easily cause an accident.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a car for your teenager, you may want to hold off for the mean time. It’s important for your teenager to be completely confident in their driving before they have their own car to look after. It can even be used as an incentive, for example: ‘If you pass your learners, restricted and full licence, you can get a car’.

There are plenty of places to buy a car for your teenager once they are ready, including from TradeMe, from friends or family, from a car dealership or even from a local car wrecker.